New Jolly Roger bots for Christmas! You can call them directly!

We recorded a Christmas Edition with Salty Sally (and her daughter!). You may have heard her on and she’s in the random rotation so she might be answering some of your calls. You can call her directly at 1-206-259-4976.
Also, Moby Dick is an extremely funny guy, and he recorded a Santa edition. We started with “what if a telemarketer happened to call Santa?” and I think he nailed it. He is also on and in the random rotation. But you can call him directly at 1-206-259-4975.
You can also summon them via text by sending “santa” or “ssxmas” to 214-666-4321. This is the “Summon a Pirate” feature and sometimes it’s easier to get a bot connected to your telemarketers this way on your mobile phone.
Anyway – enjoy the seasonal bots! We’ll try to get at least one more published in time for Christmas!
Thanks as always!

Jolly Roger Telephone teams up with NoMoRoBo for some Christmas Cheer!

What happens if a telemarketer happens to call Santa Claus?

I’m thrilled to announce that Jolly Roger Telephone has teamed up with NoMoRoBo this Christmas! We created some new Christmas-themed bots (you may recognize some of the voices!) and we are posting a call per day at

NoMoRoBo is sending some calls to these bots and we’re posting the best ones for you!

While you’re there, please consider signing up for either (or both!) of our services. We’re doing this to entertain, but also increase awareness regarding the services that the good guys are providing to cause pain to the bad guys.

Please share and comment. Hopefully you like the bots!

And thank you SO MUCH for listening!



Jolly Roger mentioned on 69-NEWS WFMZ in PA/NJ

Jolly Roger Telephone mentioned in this news segment!

This never gets old. I am still really flattered when there’s a mention of the Jolly Roger Telephone Company on the news or web site. This one is a video segment about robocallers and there’s a brief mention of Jolly Roger Telephone Company with screenshots!

In case you hadn’t heard, I am just a quiet telephone technician in the Los Angeles area. I created these bots to protect you and the telecommunications network from the telemarketing abuse. Part of me is still blown away when I see it mentioned like this. As always, I’m humbled and honored to serve you all.



EXPLICIT – Viagra salesman goes from zero to psycho while speaking with this bot

Warning – NSFW. Put on the headphones. This is our newest bot, Crazy Mazy.

If you sketched an “anger curve” of telemarketers speaking to Jolly Roger bots, this one has the steepest incline by far.

Sure, telemarketers get frustrated with the bots. They get angry, confused, or sexy. But this guy kinda snaps. What’s interesting to me is how pleasant he is at the beginning, and then how he just goes nuts. I assume people can overhear him at his office, so there must be a high tolerance for verbal abuse at these outsourced call centers. He admits that he works for a BPO, which is a “Business Process Outsource” company. So someone is outsourcing to this kid’s employer, but there are no quality controls such as monitoring or recording. And he never states his company so you’ll NEVER know who hired him. And he is ready to take your credit card number.

Anyway, please enjoy the friendly chat for several minutes, but then REALLY enjoy the amazing verbal abuse this kid manages to release. I don’t like to overuse the word “epic”, but it might apply here. And Crazy Mazy takes the abuse and doesn’t get mad, which is even more confusing/frustrating for our telemarketer. I don’t know if this guy’s attitude towards Americans is typical for Indian agents, but it’s interesting if so. There’s so much here! I look forward to your comments!

If you’re not a subscriber to the Jolly Roger Telephone Service, please consider it so you can get back at these telemarketers too. Thanks for listening!

Vacation scammer REALLY tries to bond with a robot named Salty Sally

Wow, I thought I “published” this call already, but according to WordPress, it was stuck in draft mode. It was published to Youtube so my apologies if you heard it before! I’m cross-posting this to Facebook now…

This call is pure entertainment. This is your typical “you’ve won a free vacation” scam where all you have to do it pay the dock fees or something silly. An autonomous bot named Salty Sally took the call and did a great job getting past the ‘pre-qualification’ questions conducted by their own robot. Once she connected to an agent, the fun started. It turns out the agent was new, and his manager was listening. So he was trying extra hard to build a rapport with Salty Sally and she was just not responding as expected.

This telemarketer sounds pretty good at his job. He jokes, banters, and interacts in an effort to draw some humanity out of Salty Sally. I’m proud of her because this agent really seems to be an expert on personal interaction over the phone, but he doesn’t get that it’s a bot. In fact, when Salty Sally eventually repeats, he STILL doesn’t get that it’s a bot. The good news is Salty Sally also tied up his manager for the entire duration of the call. Bonus points for the bot!

And as always, thanks for listening! I’m just a regular guy with one talent. I’m thrilled that you’re listening to this. Thank you so much.


Roger’s interview on Fox35 in Orlando, FL

I was interviewed for an appearance on Fox35 in Orlando, Florida!




“Jolly Roger” Anderson will be on WFMU NY on Monday Oct 23, 2017

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a guest on WFMU in NY on Monday, October 23rd at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific.

Mark Hurst has a show called Techtonic ( every Monday and I’m honored to be invited. You can stream it live at or you can listen to it later on Mark’s podcast (paste this url into your feed to subscribe:

While the show is on, click the “playlist” link on his page and you can participate in the live chat during the show. I’ll be joining the chat as well!

Thanks as always to all of you for helping to spread the word about the Jolly Roger Telephone Company and how we turn your annoying telemarketer calls into personal entertainment. Although it’s fun, you are also helping to disrupt the telemarketing industry. There are more and more examples of telemarketers recognizing the bots. This is a good thing because their auto-dialer machines are “feeding” Jolly Roger bots to them and they are powerless to stop it!

Thank you again! And please keep spreading the word that there’s now an effective solution to combat telemarketing!




Sorry I’ve been quiet – things are happening deep under water

The podcast is not dead! I’ll get another episode out soon. Likewise with more entertaining calls.

We are working on some exciting enhancements to the service and to the web site. I hate “talking” about it – I would rather just announce it when we’re done. I’ve worked for too many startups that endlessly talk about cool stuff and never deliver. So I’m waiting until it’s finished before I post/tweet/announce. It’s driving me crazy that I cannot tell you about it yet.

I do want to tell you that we’re working on two new features. And if you’re a subscriber to the Jolly Roger Telephone Service, you might be interested in:

  1. Enhanced whitelist/blacklists. We are a few days away from alpha-testing the ability to intercept or ignore numbers based upon patterns, rather than the entire number. For example, if you’d like to allow only areacode 312 and have bots intercept all others, we can do that. Or if you want bots to intercept 800 numbers, or if you get international calls and want bots to intercept all calls from a certain country code, we can do that too. For now, we have to do it for you, so feel free to send an email to and ask us about any special whitelist/blacklist requests. We will be providing a web interface soon for you to manage this yourself. But we would like to understand the kinds of filters that you’d like so let us know.
  2. Email suppression. Some of you have asked us to stop sending emails for certain types of calls. For example, if you have whitelisted a number, then we should stop sending emails when we see a call to that number. The reason we currently do this is because there’s no web interface. So if you break up with that boyfriend and want bots to intercept his calls from now on, you’d have to find an old email from Jolly Roger Telephone to blacklist him. But if you’d like, we can now suppress those emails. Just tell us the code (in parenthesis) at the end of the subject line and we can turn those off. This feature is available now. If you get a lot of calls, the Jolly Roger service can be kind of email-chatty. Sorry about that.

There are four of us watching the ticketing system now, so send us a note at and one of us will take care of you!

Thanks as always for sticking with us!


Robot exposes two layers of DME Medicare Fraud

This is a call between a Medicare scammer and a robot. Two robots, actually.

My apologies for the length of this call – it’s a little more than 20 minutes. The entire call is pretty funny, but if you want to just skip to the interesting parts, here is a summary:

At 5:30 – “Is this a robocall?” confused and finally gets sucked back in at 7:20

At 8:45 – Layer 1 of the fraud is exposed (offering a back support at no cost to you – “it is your right to receive it as being a medicare holder”)

At 14:45 – Layer 2 of the fraud is exposed (coaching us what to say to the DME Hotline agent, then doing a “cold transfer” to manipulate their statistics)

This call came to my elderly father and was intercepted by these Jolly Roger Bots. If you are caring for your elderly loved-ones, I highly recommend you subscribe to the Jolly Roger Telephone service so (1) your loved-one doesn’t get scammed, and (2) so the scammer wastes time with a bot and doesn’t have as much time to call the next victims.

This call is funny and entertaining, but like so many of these calls, this one is educational as well. Actually, I think the “DME Hotline” and Medicare would both be interested to hear about this scam. As with most Medicare scams, this company wants to “give” you a back or knee brace at no cost to you. Of course, Medicare will pay for it so it’s free, right? But this call gets very interesting once they qualify you as an elderly person with Medicare and a doctor willing to state that you need a back brace. The scammer then says he’s going to transfer us to a “Medicare Adviser”, but he tells us to tell them we are responding to the TV ad. This is very important to the agent. We must state that we are responding to their television advertisement or they will not help us.

So was the first telemarketing company hired by the producers of the Television advertisement? The TV station? Who else would benefit from this. The “Medicare Adviser” is the DME Hotline (Durable Medical Equipment Hotline). I don’t know if they have a reputation for scamming Medicare or not, but they are certainly getting scammed by an offshore call center pumping traffic into their hotline. And these scammers are trying to manipulate the response rate from the TV ad.

Meanwhile, the bots did a great job keeping four agents busy. For most of this call, we prevented these scammers from calling someone else. I don’t know if both sets of agents were scammers though. The second set was duped by the first set.

Again, this call is pretty long and you may not be interested in listening to the whole thing. Just listen as you do other stuff, or skip to the parts referenced at the top of this posting. If any of you have connections at the DME Hotline, they might be interested to know their TV ad response statistics are wrong. And I’m sure Medicare already knows about the other fraud.

Thanks again for listening everyone!

Rachel with Cardholder Services transfers a robot to a pervert

WARNING – this call is really nasty. For those of you familiar with Jolly Roger Telephone, you’ll probably find it very entertaining. But if this is new to you, you might want to check out my other calls first.

This is another “Rachel with Cardholder Services” call – you’ve probably heard her a million times and you typically hang up. But there are a lot of people who still fall for this scam and no matter how many time the FTC announces some kind of bust, breakup, lawsuit, or settlement, Rachel just keeps on calling. Unfortunately, there’s nothing the regulators can do to stop this. We need a pirate.

In this call, a Jolly Roger bot named “Debbie Doldrums” has intercepted the call. We hear the familiar “Rachel” greeting, which Debbie recognizes and she punches through to an agent. The agent spends a couple minutes trying to get some credit card info, but then gives up and engages in some really nasty banter with Debbie. Naturally, he thinks Debbie Doldrums is a real live American female and he decides to get raunchy with her.

Depending upon your point of view, this is either funny or horrifying. Either way, you hopefully see the potential in the way I am protecting consumers from unsolicited telemarketing. We cannot stop the bad guys from making these calls. But we can set up automation at the individual consumer side to intercept them. You can block telemarketers or just hang up, but that just moves the scammers downstream to someone else. If you engage the callers with a bot, it ties up their agents and they cannot scam the next person. So please help me spread the word! Subscribe to the Jolly Roger Telephone service – the typical subscription is the “Deep Six” for a year’s worth of service.

Anyway – thank you everyone who are following me on this incredible journey. I’m just a quiet and introverted telephone guy trying to protect the network (and all of you) from telemarketing. I could not be doing this without your support!

Thanks for listening, Roger