How to set up Landlubber service with Google Voice

Jolly Roger Telephone’s Landlubber service protects your landlines from telemarketers using a feature called “Simultaneous Ring” that is available from most modern landline providers.

I’m excited to announce that I can now support Google Voice numbers with this Landlubber service! The challenge was that Google Voice requires that you verify that you “own” the number before they’ll simultaneously ring it. Therefore, I need to assign all my Google Voice customers a “dedicated Landlubber number”. If you are an existing Deep Six subscriber (only $6 per year!), then I will assign a number to you at no charge. At the time I post this (December 4th, 2016) I do not have a separate item in my store for this. I will eventually need to add a subscription that includes a dedicated number since each telephone number costs me a little bit. But for now, this enhancement is free to all Deep Six subscribers!

If you have Google Voice and would like Jolly Roger to talk to your telemarketers, then request a dedicated Landlubber number by emailing I will respond via email that your number is ready.

Here is how to set it up:

  1. Send a text to 214-666-4321 from your mobile number (it must be a number that is part of your Deep Six subscription). In the body of the message, just say “landlubber” (case doesn’t matter)
  2. I will respond with your dedicated Landlubber number along with confirmation that I’m ready for you to verify the number with Google Voice. The next call to your Landlubber number will forward to your mobile phone.
  3. You configure your Landlubber number in your Google Voice portal and have Google “verify” it.
  4. Google will call it.
  5. I will forward the call to your mobile, so you can answer it and enter the verification code.
  6. Google will now simultaneously ring your Landlubber number when you get a call to your Google Voice number. Of course, you can turn this on and off in your Google Voice portal.
  7. Jolly Roger Telephone will answer the incoming call if the caller-id is a known telemarketer. A friendly bot will chat for a while, and send you the recording when the call is over.

If anything goes wrong with the verification with Google, you can simply repeat these instructions and try again. It’s all automatic.

Please note: When you set up the Landlubber number in Google Voice, you should configure it as a “home” or “work” number. This prevents Google’s “fast pickup” detection, which breaks this whole thing. The text back from Jolly Roger will remind you of this.

Here’s where it gets really cool! Google Voice allows you to transfer the call back to Jolly Roger Telephone by pressing star during the call (unfortunately, not Project Fi though). So, if you answered the call and it turns out to be a telemarketer, just press star and the call will ring back to Jolly Roger. Here’s the thing though – when the call rings back to me, I’m going to see your Google Voice number as the caller-id. I will not typically answer this number. So the first time you do this, you’ll get an email from me stating that I ignored it. But within that email you can click the “always answer calls from…” link and from then on I’ll answer. This allows you to press star during your call and you’ll hear a Jolly Roger bot come on the line. You can listen in, or just hang up and I’ll keep them chatting.

I know it sounds complicated. But as you set it up you’ll see how easy it is. As always, just send me a note at and I’m happy to help get this set up with you.

I have some more ideas to make integration with Google Voice even better! All Google Voice users should be protected by a Jolly Roger pirate!

By the way, if you use Google Fi, these instructions are the same. It works either way.

If you don’t have a traditional Mobile number and are ONLY using Google Fi, then you’ll need to disable recording before you verify. If your verification code from Google includes a ‘4’ and you try to press it, then Google will interpret that tone as “turn recording on”. Or I think you can request another code. Get one that doesn’t use a feature code. Sorry if that sounds messy. It’s much easier to use a regular mobile phone.