Report an illegal telemarketing call

Many “unsolicited telemarketing” calls are actually illegal. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 is designed to protect you from unsolicited telemarketing, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is designed to protect you from abusive debt collection practices. Of course, few consumers understand the specifics of these laws and do not go through the process of filing claims against the telemarketer or debt collector.

But now the Jolly Roger Telephone Company is here to help!

If you have received an unsolicited call from a telemarketer and you can identify the caller, then please report it here. The TCPA and FDCPA are designed to protect you. So if a company calls you to sell you a product but you did not explicitly give them permission to call you, then it might be a violation. Also, if they use an autodialer or if they call your mobile phone, it might be a violation.

If you are a subscriber to the Jolly Roger Telephone Service (and you should be!) then I will aggregate these complaints and work with appropriate class action attorneys to get these complaints filed correctly and YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO COLLECT DAMAGES if the court rules against the company.

At the end of every call to the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, I send you a summary email with a unique identifier of the call. Please be sure to copy/paste this ID into the form below and tell me a little more information. I have partner attorneys who will help us identify the caller and, if we can get enough complaints about the same company, they may be able to take legal action on your behalf!