Our robots talk to telemarketers so that you don’t have to!

* Google Voice for Simultaneous Ringing *

Assuming you have already signed up for Google Voice, here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Send a text to 214-666-4321 from your mobile number (it must be a number that is part of your Deep Six subscription). In the body of the message, text “landlubber” (case doesn’t matter).
    • If you do not receive a message within a couple of minutes then the cellphone you are using is NOT one of the three phone numbers associated with your account:   if this is the case, then send an email to Support to add your cellphone number to your subscription.  You need your mobile number to be verified before we can use it to setup your Google Voice account.
    • If you get a message “Sorry but you must upgrade your subscription to receive a dedicated Google Voice number.”   then you do not have a compatible prerequisite subscription.   To acquire a dedicated number for Google Voice you need to purchase one of these combinations of subscriptions (be sure to include your mobile number as one of the three numbers of your subscription):

2. We will respond by assigning you your own personal “Landlubber” number (via text). We will also send you confirmation that we are ready for you to verify the number with Google Voice.

3. Now you must login to your Google Voice portal and configure your Landlubber number. Start by selecting “Settings” as shown in the screenshots below.

4. From the “Settings” page, click on the “New linked number” option (see below).

5. You will then see the  “Add number” page. Click on the “Verify by Phone” link.

6. You will then get a slightly different page. Add the landlubber number we assigned you, to the highlighted field. Then click the “Call” button.

7.  You will then see a window asking you to “Verify your Phone.” Click on the “Call” button and Google will call your new number, and we will forward the call to your mobile.

8. Answer the call and enter the verification code supplied to you by Google and click the “Verfiy” button.

9. Google will confirm that you have set this up correctly by providing an “All linked up” page.  Google will now simultaneously ring your Landlubber number when someone calls your Google Voice Number. Of course, you can turn this on and off via your Google Voice Portal any time you like.

10. Jolly Roger Telephone will answer the incoming call if the callerID is a known telemarketer.  A friendly bot will chat for awhile and send you the recording when the call is over.