How to integrate with SIP

All Jolly Roger Telephone subscribers are assigned a unique “SIP Code” that will allow you to send calls to your favorite bot over SIP. Now, most of you won’t care, but some hard-core hobbyists or power users might want to do this.

To find your SIP Code, check any of the post-call emails that you get when you send a call to a Jolly Roger bot. There will be a line with the code and a link to this page. The code is something like ‘3jrt66r’. Once you have the code, construct a SIP URI like so:


Notice the 4999 there? That’s the last four digits of my “random bot” telephone number. Just replace the 4999 with any of the numbers in the table below. Be sure to put a dash between the SIP Code and the four digits.

NOTE!! If you have a carrier who can simultaneously ring a SIP URI (our favorites are Callcentric and, then you can replace the last four digits with ‘4949’ and we will only answer the known telemarketers, or the callers that you have blacklisted.

Of course, since this is SIP, it will work anywhere in the world! Don’t be concerned that the telephone number is a USA number. The SIP URI example above will work worldwide. So, if you have any advanced VoIP service, there’s no reason not to be a Jolly Roger Telephone subscriber!

Telephone Number Last four Bot
206-259-4999 4999 Random Bot
206-259-4990 4990 Random Male Bot
206-259-4980 4980 Random Female Bot
206-259-4981 4981 Debbie Doldrums
206-259-4982 4982 Jolly Jenny
206-259-4983 4983 Salty Sally
206-259-4991 4991 Classic Jolly Roger
206-259-4992 4992 Whiskey Jack
206-259-4993 4993 Whitey Whitebeard

Call any of these bots now! If you are a subscriber, you’ll get a “post-call” email that will contain your SIP Code.