1. Using our free Pirate Maker app, create a robot that relates to the contest theme (“Spring Time is Allergy Season”)
    • If you don’t already have the app, or if you need some help using it, CLICK HERE
  2. Submit the app to our contest
    • Be sure to give your pirate a name with the prefix “W02” added to the robot’s name;  this is how we will know you want to enter it into the contest. For example, a robot name of “Jolly Roger” should be changed to “W02Jolly Roger” or “W02 – Jolly Roger”.
    • When you’re ready, tap on “Publish Online–>Make Public” to submit your new pirate for review


  1. To qualify, your robot must have been submitted via the “Make Public” option of the Pirate Maker app
  2. Deadline for submissions is midnight 04/18/2022.
  3. Winners will be announced on our website within a couple of days after the contest deadline.
  4. Winners will also be contacted directly via the email associated with their subscription
    • the pirate/robot’s ability to engage and retain telemarketer’s in conversations
    • the pirate/robot’s ability to generate entertaining and interesting recordings
    • whether or not the pirate/robot demonstrates new ideas and/or techniques for engaging telemarketers in conversations


Getting Started

  • For a quick demo, click on this video (“Make Your Own Pirate in 5 Minutes”)
  • But the best way to learn is to watch the demo tutorials: CLICK HERE

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