Current Status / Service Issues

We use this page to let everyone know if we are doing maintenance on our site, or if there are problems that we are working on.   If you are currently experiencing some kind of problem and find it listed below, then there is no need to open a support ticket (we are already aware of it). So just keep checking this page for updates,    and thanks for your patience!  

General Status:

We are updating our site with new artwork and a boatload of new features such as a “Pirate Porthole,” where you can manage your account; see your call log; manage whitelists and blacklists; and more.

Maintenance in Progress:

UPDATE on 2/16/2019! Huge announcement coming soon! We are migrating data and adding capacity in preparation for some heavy traffic. We should be done on Sunday 2/17. Let us know via if you have any trouble. Thank you! Roger

Other Work in Progress:

Various links and FAQs are being rewritten.