New User series #1:

How to Sign Up

This tutorial is the first video of our New User series and covers the basics of signing up for a new account. Jolly Steve demonstrates the signup process by creating a sample account from scratch and explains what each and every text field means, as well as addressing some common questions and potential pitfalls.

New User series #2:

Quick Tour of the Pirate Porthole Dashboard

This tutorial is the second video of our New User series and provides a quick walk-thru of the various main pages that make up the “Dashboard” of the Pirate Porthole. Watch this one to get a great overview of what you can do with the new Porthole, then watch the other videos in this series which will drill down into these main pages in greater detail.

New User series #3:

How to Use the My Numbers Page

In this tutorial we will take a detailed look at the features and functions of the “My Numbers” page. This is the page you use to view or edit settings related to your phone numbers. In addition, from this page you can easily access information about your subscription and make changes if necessary.

New User series #4:

How to Use the Call Log Page

The “Call Log” page is a our most used page because it is constantly being updated with information about the phone calls you have received to all of your numbers. From this page you can listen to all your recordings, search for particular calls, and place callers on your whitelist or blacklist. So there are lots of capabilities on this page, making this tutorial a bit long but very worthwhile for new users.

New User series #5:

How to Use the Whitelist/Blacklist Page

This helpful tutorial will explain how to use whitelists and blacklists, including using patterns. The “Whitelist and Blacklist” page is where you can tell us about which numbers you want to answer yourself (whitelisted ones), and which numbers you want our robots to handle (blacklisted ones).

New User series #6:

How to Use the Settings Page

The “Settings” page is where you’ll find all of the configurable options for your subscriptions. These settings usually apply to all of your numbers and subscriptions, unless otherwise noted. We tried to make our services very flexible, so there are a variety of options from which to choose. The are all explained in this tutorial.

New User series #7:

How to Use the Profile Page

This tutorial explains how to use the “Profile” page. It’s a simple page, but it has some powerful capabilities. For example, this is the page you use if you want to change the username or email associated with your subscription.

New User series #8:

How to Import Contacts Into Your Whitelist

Building your whitelist can be easy using the “bulk edit” feature.  Watch this tutorial to learn how to load a couple of hundred contacts into your whitelist all at once.  We will use the “Contacts” from Microsoft Outlook 2016 for our example, as we demonstrate step-by-step how you can load many numbers all at once.

How to Setup Pirate Voicemail

For users of mobile phones, there is a great feature called “Pirate Voicemail” which allows you to screen your incoming calls for telemarketers.   The good calls get to leave a message, while the bad-guys have a frustrating conversation with a robot.   Watch this video for a step-by-step overview of how to set it up.

The Best Way to Setup your Home Phone for Jolly Roger

A tutorial that shows you the best way to use Jolly Roger if you have a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone at home. We configure a VoIP phone from Comcast to use their version of Simultaneous Ring, to screen calls for a home phone.

How to Protect Seniors from Scammers

In this tutorial, we explain how to protect vulnerable people, such as senior citizens, who are the primary targets for many predatory telemarketers and scammers. Using the Whitelist and Blacklist feature, you can choose to only allow family and friends’ calls to reach your loved one, while the rest are intercepted by Jolly Roger.

For Migrating Users Only! Detailed Walk-Thru

This tutorial is a “must-watch” for long-time users of the old Jolly Roger platform. You guys have been bravely managing for weeks or months without the Pirate Porthole (thank you!), by using a combination of text, email, and support tickets to our support crew. Now all of your data has been migrated to the new platform. This tutorial tells you what to expect, where to find your old data, and a couple of extra configuration settings you may want to update for a smooth transition to the new Jolly Roger Pirate Porthole.