How to Get Help

1. Have a general question? Or need some instructions?
Visit our ‘FAQ’ or ‘Frequently asked Questions’ page. We answer lots of questions and provide helpful “How-to” instructions.

2. Need help with signing-up, upgrading, or another account issue?
Having trouble signing up or a problem with your account? Open a ticket with our Customer Care Crew via email. Our team typically responds within a few hours and quite often even less.

3. Technical Support
Open a ‘Technical Support‘ ticket if you are having trouble integrating your specific phone setup with the Jolly Roger bots.

4. Cancel Automatic Renewal of my Subscription
If you would prefer not to have your subscriptions automatically renew each year, click here to notify us. We will turn off your automatic renewal, but your subscription will remain active for a full year from the date you subscribed.

5. Cancel my Subscription
We hope it never happens, but if you wish to cancel your subscription, click here to send us a Cancellation Request. You should receive a pro-rated refund within a couple of business days.

6. Return of Merchandise
Click here to send us a “Return Request” ticket. *Please note that some merchandise cannot be returned.