Making Your Own Pirate?

(settings for the “Pirate Maker” smartphone app)


This section is for users of the Jolly Roger “Pirate Maker” smartphone application.   If you are not a user of this application then you can ignore this section.    But if you are a using it, or if you are interested in making your own robots/pirates, then these settings can be very useful.   To help you understand why, here is a bit of background.

The Pirate Maker app is a fun and simple smartphone app that guides you through the process of making a pirate/robot that can talk to telemarketers just like the famous ones professionally produced by the Jolly Roger Telephone Company.    Most of the work is just recording your own voice as you do your own improvised “takes” on scripts and directions provided by the app.    It’s kind of like acting for a radio show or podcast and there is plenty of opportunity for you to creatively try to create a character that will fool and frustrate scam/spam callers.   When you’re done, you can “publish” your new pirate for your own private use,   or you can share it with the entire Jolly Roger community of users by “making it public”.       When you make it public, it will appear in the list of pirates that users can select from on the the “Pirates” page of this website (see figure 1 below).    For example,  our friend Jolly Steve created a new pirate called “Old Flat Guy”.   He’s not the funniest robot, but he’s pretty good at fooling scammers.    Jolly Steve chose to share him with the community, so you can find Old Flat Guy in the list of pirates if you go to the “Pirates” page on our website (see figure 2 below).

Maker’s Name

So what is the “Maker’s Name” field used for?   It is a name you can use for publishing robots/pirates for public use.    Continuing with the example above, Jolly Steve created Old Flat Guy and then decided to share him with the community.   But he didn’t want people to know his real name, username, or emailid, in order to maintain some privacy.   So he assigned himself the name “Green Sam”, and now he can keep his identity as a Pirate Maker a secret (oops…I guess I just blew it!  Sorry Jolly Steve! ).

Maker’s Social Media Link

For some users, keeping their identity as a content-creator for funny robots is NOT the objective.   Instead they want to tell the world about their creations, and we want to help them get that well-deserved recognition.  For those creators, we provide a way for them to link to their social media so  their fans can get in touch with them to cheer them on, comment, suggest, etc..   All they need to do is fill in this field with a valid link to a social media website, and they have a quick and easy way to drive traffic to their online-presence ”.   We take this link and apply it to the text of their “Maker’s Name” on the “Pirates” web page of our website.   When users check out the list of pirates, they can click on the “Maker’s Name” field to be redirected to the attached social media link.