How Does it Work for my Business?

  1. Sign up for a subscription.
    1. Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to pick a “Robo-Receptionist” previously known as Biz-Bots. Our Robo-Receptionists answer calls specifically for businesses and say things that telemarketers expect when they call into an office location (e.g., “Can I take a message?”) But, they also waste the telemarketer’s time by keeping them on the phone as long as possible.
  2. Once you’ve signed up:
    1. Your subscription will be activated immediately. You will be ready to start using the bots!
  3. Set up your DEDICATED phone number.
    1.  Login to our website (we call it our “Pirate Porthole”) to get your business’ DEDICATED phone number.
    2. Do you have employees that occasionally receive unsolicited sales-calls? Let them know this number!
    3. Set up speed-dial to make it a simple one-step process to transfer unwanted telemarketer calls to your Robo-Receptionist.
  4. Receive a telemarketing call?
    1. Transfer it to the DEDICATED number for your Robo- Receptionist.
  5. After a call is finished:
    1. You can listen to it by signing in to the Pirate Porthole and going to your “Call Log” page (see picture below). This page has info and recordings for all the calls that our bots handle for you.
“Call Log” Page 

The Call Log page shows you all of the calls you’ve received for all of your numbers. It makes it easy for you to listen to recordings or find information about the calls (e.g., did it get sent to a robot? If so, why?) If the list is too long, you can use filters to see only certain kinds of calls (e.g., calls to a particular number or robot). With one click you can add the Caller ID of a call in the Call Log to either your Whitelist or Blacklist.