Meet our Robo-Receptionists (USA)

The original Jolly Roger Robo-Receptionist!

The voice of our founder, but now as a Robo-Receptionist.    He’s very calm and enthusiastic in his new role, but pretty terrible at taking messages….which turns out to be perfect for keeping telemarketers occupied for long periods of time.

This salesman is from a company specializing in Collections.   He wants to sell Jolly Roger on buying his services and demonstrates his ruthlessness by insulting and heckling our Robo-Receptionists.    But the joke is on him because they will simply keep transferring him back and forth to each other all day long.   Listen while he melts down to his meaner and meaner true-self!

Polly Crackers

From her desk just inside the big glass doors at the front-entrance, Polly Crackers greets all those unsolicited sales calls with her own brand of silliness and incompetence.   She admits that this is not her regular job…she’s just filling in while someone else is at lunch,  but we think we will leave her right there making snarky remarks at all who pass by.

We had to try our own new Robo-Receptionist, so we had one of our team call her and try to leave a message.    She did not disappoint, and we enjoyed the exchange so much we decided to post it here.  Enjoy!

Demo of “Polly Crackers”

(warning: may include vulgarity)