How to Setup Pirate Voicemail for

AT&T Wireless

Want some background info? Check out our FAQ “What is the Pirate Voicemail Feature?” before setting it up.

This information is for AT&T Wireless cellphones and may also work if your phone company is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) using AT&T.   There are many MVNO companies and we can’t keep track of all of them and how/if they support the “conditional call forwarding” feature we need,  but down below we have added a recent list.

Instructions For iPhone:

Instructions For  Android: 

  • You can use menus on the phone to enter your Pirate Voicemail number:
    • Open "Phone"
    • Tap the three vertical dots, and a menu drops down.  Choose "Settings"
    • On the "Call Settings" page, scroll down to "Supplementary Services", tap on that option
    • On the "Supplementary Services" page, tap on "Call Forwarding"
    • On the "Call Forwarding" page, tap on "Forward when busy"
    • On the "Call Forwarding" page, tap on "Forward when unanswered"
    • On the "Call Forwarding" page, tap on "Forward when unreachable"