How to Setup Pirate Voicemail for


Want some background info? Check out our FAQ “What is the Pirate Voicemail Feature?” before setting it up.

This information is for T-Mobile cellphones and may also work if your phone company is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) using T-Mobile.   There are many MVNO companies and we can’t keep track of all of them and how/if they support the “conditional call forwarding” feature we need,  but down below we have added a recent list.

IMPORTANT:   If you are using an iPhone with iOS 17 or newer, you will need to make one minor change to your settings in order to enable our service for your phone.   You should follow these instructions before continuing:  Restoring Service After Upgrading to iOS 17

EASIEST: Use Our App

The easiest way to setup your mobile phone is by using our free Captain's Log app (  Help for Captain’s Log App ).   Once you have installed the app and signed in, you can use these instructions to complete the setup.

(1) The same bottom menu is on each page.   There is a "Settings" option on that menu.  Tap on "Settings" to go to the Settings page. 

(2) On the "Settings" page, tap on the "Setup" button

(3) On the "Settings" page, you select your phone number and your carrier.   Usually your mobile phone line is already selected, otherwise use the drop-down box to select the line.   Also be sure that the carrier is correct by using the drop-down to select a carrier (in the example below, you can see that AT&T Wireless has been selected).   Then tap on the "Setup" button.

(4) A page will popup asking you to confirm.

(5) If you are using an iPhone, then you will receive a text (from 214-666-4321) with a message such as the one shown below.   It contains a phone number to dial.  Tap on that number so that it is dialed.   If you are using an Android, then the Phone app will start up with the number already prefilled in, and you just tap to dial.

(6) Instead of connecting to another phone, this number just sets up forwarding with your carrier, so you will get a page from them that looks something like this:





You can setup forwarding without the app using these instructions.


Instructions For iPhone:


Instructions For Android:

You can probably use the same instructions as for the iPhone above, but in addition, this may also work on your phone:

  • You can use menus on the phone to enter your Pirate Voicemail number:
    • From any Home screen, tap the Phone icon.
    • If necessary, tap the Keypad tab.
    • Tap "Menu->Settings"
    • You are now on the "Call Settings" page
    • If you don't see the "Call Forwarding" option, then select "Supplementary Services"
      • On some phones, the "Call Forwarding" is under "Supplementary Services", on some it is already there on the "Call Settings" page
    • Tap on "Call Forwarding"
    • On the "Call Forwarding" menu, tap on "Forward when busy"
    • On the "Call Forwarding" menu, tap on "Forward when unanswered"
    • On the "Call Forwarding" menu, tap on "Forward when unreachable"