How to Setup Pirate Voicemail for


Want some background info? Check out our FAQ “What is the Pirate Voicemail Feature?” before setting it up.

This information is for T-Mobile cellphones and may also work if your phone company is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) using T-Mobile.   There are many MVNO companies and we can’t keep track of all of them and how/if they support the “conditional call forwarding” feature we need,  but down below we have added a recent list.

Instructions For iPhone:

  • Here is a helpful video that shows you how top do it (click here)
  • If the **004* short code does not work, then you can try an alternative short codes which some people have reported works properly.  You will need to do all three of these:

    Instructions For Android:

    You can probably use the same instructions as for the iPhone above, but in addition, this may also work on your phone:

    • You can use menus on the phone to enter your Pirate Voicemail number:
      • From any Home screen, tap the Phone icon.
      • If necessary, tap the Keypad tab.
      • Tap "Menu->Settings"
      • You are now on the "Call Settings" page
      • If you don't see the "Call Forwarding" option, then select "Supplementary Services"
        • On some phones, the "Call Forwarding" is under "Supplementary Services", on some it is already there on the "Call Settings" page
      • Tap on "Call Forwarding"
      • On the "Call Forwarding" menu, tap on "Forward when busy"
      • On the "Call Forwarding" menu, tap on "Forward when unanswered"
      • On the "Call Forwarding" menu, tap on "Forward when unreachable"