How to Setup Simultaneous Ring for

Spectrum Voice

If your landline is a VoIP line, then your phone company probably has a feature called "Simultaneous Ring" that lets us intercept your calls using whitelists and blacklists.

Want some background info? Check out our FAQ click here before setting it up.

Spectrum Voice , also sometimes referred to as Spectrum Charter (as it is owned by Charter Communications), does use the term "Simultaneous Ring". Here is a link that tells you how to use it (click here), but first: IMPORTANT!  At the page this links to you need to enter your zipcode to get accurate information.

Remember to use the new Jolly Roger phone number ({insert your Jolly Roger number here}) as the phone number for "Simultaneous Ring"!

NOTE: Charter Communications acquired Time-Warner Cable a while back, so you can use the same instructions above for Time-Warner Cable.