Shark Tank

On March 10th 2019, we appeared on Shark Tank!

Are you disappointed? Don’t be. We aren’t.

We were so excited to be part of Shark Tank and it was an amazing/terrifying/exhausting experience. The great news is that now millions of people know there is a way to deep-six those
nasty telemarketers!

We knew going into this that there were a couple of things that we would not compromise on: retaining the majority ownership of the company and continuing our mission to put telemarketers out of business.

While it would have been amazing to strike a deal with one or more of the Sharks, we have benefited tremendously from both financial and business assistance of other mentors. And we have exciting opportunities with investors who share our vision of social benefit. They continue to provide us with excellent guidance and we are all working towards the successful expansion of the Jolly Roger Telephone Company. Great things are on the horizon, so stay tuned!

Thank you for being a loyal customer – we would not be here without you!

Roger, Steve, and all of the Pirate Crew