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Roger was a guest on the “Too Much Scrolling” Podcast!

I had the pleasure of being a guest with Steve and Chip on their “Too Much Scrolling” podcast. Thanks so much for the great time!

We spoke about telemarketers and the Jolly Roger Telephone Company. We all had a good time and I really appreciate them reaching out to me.

Actually, they recommended a book on the show that I’m looking forward to reading (Station Breaker by Andrew Mayne. Use this link to give Chip and Steve some love:

Also, does anyone remember three episodes where Rosanne Barr was a telemarketer in her home? I need to check those out!

Anyway, it was a fun show and I’m so flattered to be a part of it. Here’s the link to the show and thanks for listening!





Telemarketer chats with a ROBOT telephone technician and cannot hang up

Several months ago, I was asked to create a bot that never says “yes” to anyone. Here is that bot. He’s been unpublished for this whole time, but you can call him at 206-259-4977.

This bot sounds like a telephone technician that accidentally intercepted your call. He’s not very exciting. Actually, he’s pretty dull because he never really “engages” with the telemarketer. He’s so disagreeable and grumpy that most of them just hang up within the first minute. However, I still consider it a “win” because he breaks the autodialers. What I mean is, the telemarketer’s autodialer thinks he is a real person and cuts through to an agent. So even though he’s not as entertaining, he is still effective at breaking the telemarketer’s business model because the autodialer will always break when it hits this bot.

If you have never heard a Jolly Roger bot before, please don’t start here. This guy is not as funny as just about any other call you’ll hear on my YouTube channel. However, if you are familiar with my work, this might sound interesting. It’s also a good demo for the cautious people out there who don’t want my bots to upset their telemarketers. As you’ve heard from other calls, telemarketers can be scary and intimidating. And they know your telephone number and often your address. It can be freaky when they get upset. I’m over it, but I remember that feeling.

Anyway, please enjoy this call. You’ll find that it lasts a little longer than usual because the telemarketer is unable to hang up

Thanks for listening!

Jolly Roger featured on the Tom Woods show!

I did an interview with Tom Woods recently and didn’t realize that he was going to devote an entire podcast to Jolly Roger Telephone! I’m so flattered. That was a really fun interview. You can listen to the show at

Thank you for listening and to help spread the word, everyone! How did Tom Woods hear about me? One of YOU sent him the Business Insider article! Thank you for helping to get the word out that there is an entertaining, fun, and EFFECTIVE way to deal with telemarketers now. I really appreciate it and, as always, I’m really flattered that you are all helping me with this effort.

A heartfelt thanks,



Podcast episode 16 has been posted!

After a long delay I have recorded episode 16 of the Jolly Roger Telephone podcast. In this episode I discuss “ringless voicemail” and the “Can you hear me now?” scam that have both been circulating around the internet for a few weeks. I share three fantastic (and extremely vulgar) calls with you. If you don’t have time to listen, here’s what I basically think about these two issues:

Ringless Voicemail:

Somehow this turned into a partisan issue. I guess someone at the Republican National Committee supported a proposal to the FCC and now the headlines are saying it’s a Republican idea. But it’s just a proposal by various trade organizations to get around the “opt in” nature of telemarketing calls to your mobile. I cannot imagine this will ever be approved, but if it is, we will all just sign up for a voicemail transcription service and these messages will be filtered by a junk mail algorithm. Or we all just shut off our voicemail. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

“Oh my headset slipped. Can you hear me now?”

The headlines say “Don’t say yes! They can use your recording to force you to pay later!” This is another issue that surprises me. Even the FTC and BBB tell you not to engage. There’s a great article from the Archer Security Group at that discusses this. Kerry Tomlinson traced it back to the source and it seems pretty benign. A scammer threatened to take a business to court because they supposedly had a recording of him agreeing to purchase the services. I’m sure if the business had pushed, it would have fallen apart in court. But rather than deal with it, they just paid. Have any of you heard of a telemarketer successfully suing anyone because of a doctored recording? Yeah, me neither. And I don’t think we ever will. There are hundreds of recordings of me saying ‘yes’ on YouTube. Snip one of those and bring it on, telemarketers!

Anyway, here’s the podcast. There are three calls in here, and two of them are extremely raunchy so you have been warned.

Thanks for listening!