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EXPLICIT – Viagra salesman goes from zero to psycho while speaking with this bot

Warning – NSFW. Put on the headphones. This is our newest bot, Crazy Mazy.

If you sketched an “anger curve” of telemarketers speaking to Jolly Roger bots, this one has the steepest incline by far.

Sure, telemarketers get frustrated with the bots. They get angry, confused, or sexy. But this guy kinda snaps. What’s interesting to me is how pleasant he is at the beginning, and then how he just goes nuts. I assume people can overhear him at his office, so there must be a high tolerance for verbal abuse at these outsourced call centers. He admits that he works for a BPO, which is a “Business Process Outsource” company. So someone is outsourcing to this kid’s employer, but there are no quality controls such as monitoring or recording. And he never states his company so you’ll NEVER know who hired him. And he is ready to take your credit card number.

Anyway, please enjoy the friendly chat for several minutes, but then REALLY enjoy the amazing verbal abuse this kid manages to release. I don’t like to overuse the word “epic”, but it might apply here. And Crazy Mazy takes the abuse and doesn’t get mad, which is even more confusing/frustrating for our telemarketer. I don’t know if this guy’s attitude towards Americans is typical for Indian agents, but it’s interesting if so. There’s so much here! I look forward to your comments!

If you’re not a subscriber to the Jolly Roger Telephone Service, please consider it so you can get back at these telemarketers too. Thanks for listening!

Vacation scammer REALLY tries to bond with a robot named Salty Sally

Wow, I thought I “published” this call already, but according to WordPress, it was stuck in draft mode. It was published to Youtube so my apologies if you heard it before! I’m cross-posting this to Facebook now…

This call is pure entertainment. This is your typical “you’ve won a free vacation” scam where all you have to do it pay the dock fees or something silly. An autonomous bot named Salty Sally took the call and did a great job getting past the ‘pre-qualification’ questions conducted by their own robot. Once she connected to an agent, the fun started. It turns out the agent was new, and his manager was listening. So he was trying extra hard to build a rapport with Salty Sally and she was just not responding as expected.

This telemarketer sounds pretty good at his job. He jokes, banters, and interacts in an effort to draw some humanity out of Salty Sally. I’m proud of her because this agent really seems to be an expert on personal interaction over the phone, but he doesn’t get that it’s a bot. In fact, when Salty Sally eventually repeats, he STILL doesn’t get that it’s a bot. The good news is Salty Sally also tied up his manager for the entire duration of the call. Bonus points for the bot!

And as always, thanks for listening! I’m just a regular guy with one talent. I’m thrilled that you’re listening to this. Thank you so much.


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