Wow, I thought I “published” this call already, but according to WordPress, it was stuck in draft mode. It was published to Youtube so my apologies if you heard it before! I’m cross-posting this to Facebook now…

This call is pure entertainment. This is your typical “you’ve won a free vacation” scam where all you have to do it pay the dock fees or something silly. An autonomous bot named Salty Sally took the call and did a great job getting past the ‘pre-qualification’ questions conducted by their own robot. Once she connected to an agent, the fun started. It turns out the agent was new, and his manager was listening. So he was trying extra hard to build a rapport with Salty Sally and she was just not responding as expected.

This telemarketer sounds pretty good at his job. He jokes, banters, and interacts in an effort to draw some humanity out of Salty Sally. I’m proud of her because this agent really seems to be an expert on personal interaction over the phone, but he doesn’t get that it’s a bot. In fact, when Salty Sally eventually repeats, he STILL doesn’t get that it’s a bot. The good news is Salty Sally also tied up his manager for the entire duration of the call. Bonus points for the bot!

And as always, thanks for listening! I’m just a regular guy with one talent. I’m thrilled that you’re listening to this. Thank you so much.