Monthly archives: December, 2017

New Jolly Roger bots for Christmas! You can call them directly!

We recorded a Christmas Edition with Salty Sally (and her daughter!). You may have heard her on and she’s in the random rotation so she might be answering some of your calls. You can call her directly at 1-206-259-4976.
Also, Moby Dick is an extremely funny guy, and he recorded a Santa edition. We started with “what if a telemarketer happened to call Santa?” and I think he nailed it. He is also on and in the random rotation. But you can call him directly at 1-206-259-4975.
You can also summon them via text by sending “santa” or “ssxmas” to 214-666-4321. This is the “Summon a Pirate” feature and sometimes it’s easier to get a bot connected to your telemarketers this way on your mobile phone.
Anyway – enjoy the seasonal bots! We’ll try to get at least one more published in time for Christmas!
Thanks as always!

Jolly Roger Telephone teams up with NoMoRoBo for some Christmas Cheer!

What happens if a telemarketer happens to call Santa Claus?

I’m thrilled to announce that Jolly Roger Telephone has teamed up with NoMoRoBo this Christmas! We created some new Christmas-themed bots (you may recognize some of the voices!) and we are posting a call per day at

NoMoRoBo is sending some calls to these bots and we’re posting the best ones for you!

While you’re there, please consider signing up for either (or both!) of our services. We’re doing this to entertain, but also increase awareness regarding the services that the good guys are providing to cause pain to the bad guys.

Please share and comment. Hopefully you like the bots!

And thank you SO MUCH for listening!



Jolly Roger mentioned on 69-NEWS WFMZ in PA/NJ

Jolly Roger Telephone mentioned in this news segment!

This never gets old. I am still really flattered when there’s a mention of the Jolly Roger Telephone Company on the news or web site. This one is a video segment about robocallers and there’s a brief mention of Jolly Roger Telephone Company with screenshots!

In case you hadn’t heard, I am just a quiet telephone technician in the Los Angeles area. I created these bots to protect you and the telecommunications network from the telemarketing abuse. Part of me is still blown away when I see it mentioned like this. As always, I’m humbled and honored to serve you all.