We recorded a Christmas Edition with Salty Sally (and her daughter!). You may have heard her on www.donotcallchristmas.com and she’s in the random rotation so she might be answering some of your calls. You can call her directly at 1-206-259-4976.
Also, Moby Dick is an extremely funny guy, and he recorded a Santa edition. We started with “what if a telemarketer happened to call Santa?” and I think he nailed it. He is also on www.donotcallchristmas.com and in the random rotation. But you can call him directly at 1-206-259-4975.
You can also summon them via text by sending “santa” or “ssxmas” to 214-666-4321. This is the “Summon a Pirate” feature and sometimes it’s easier to get a bot connected to your telemarketers this way on your mobile phone.
Anyway – enjoy the seasonal bots! We’ll try to get at least one more published in time for Christmas!
Thanks as always!