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Podcast episode 13 has been posted

Hi all! It’s out of order – I am posting episode 13 AFTER episode 14. But 13 is there now and ready for listening. Also, I noticed that Soundcloud does not allow downloading the tracks by default. I have enable that also. Not that any of you want to permanently archive these files, but there’s no reason to stop you.

In this episode, I discuss my first three bots – the “Original Jolly Roger”, Debbie Doldrums, and Jolly Jenny. Some of you have expressed an interest in the story behind these bots. They all have their own personality and funny stories about their creation.

My podcast should be easy to find in Google Play, iTunes, and any podcast index, but if you want the URL of the RSS feed, it is

Here is a link to episode 13. Thank you for listening and your support in my efforts to stop telemarketing!


Podcast Episode 10 has been posted

Hello all!

I have posted episode 10 of the podcast. This episode is CRAZY and if you’re new to my podcast, please do not start with this one. If you’re a regular listener, then please enjoy this. I would love to hear what you think about this one.

Podcast episode 9 is ready!

You can find episode 9 of the Jolly Roger Telephone Podcast on Soundcloud or in your favorite podcast app. Or here of course. In this episode I have a really funny call from Human Resources and I also play a nasty call from credit card services. Please enjoy and thanks for listening! Roger