I’m so excited about this call! We get to hear a supervisor discuss how to deal with Jolly Roger Telephone bots! By the way, this is a new robot named “James Cook”.

This is yet another “Florida Vacation” telemarketer. I won’t even go into the scam itself. If you’ve received these annoying calls, then you’ll appreciate the time this person wastes pitching a too-good-to-be-true vacation package to a robot. That’s ten minutes she’ll never get back. And this telemarketer shop just lost a chance to call a couple thousand numbers while she was on the phone. Well done, James!

But the best part about this call is the the last two minutes. The supervisor gets on the call and he immediately recognizes this as a bot. He couldn’t possibly recognize James Cook, because he’s brand new. But he recognizes the intent of the bot and he then discusses with the agent the things they do to handle these bots. If nothing else, please listen to the last two minutes of this call.

Many of you ask me if the telemarketers have acknowledged the bots or if it reduces the amount of calls you get. Well, here’s proof. It’s not anecdotal. It’s not a suspicion. This is proof that the telemarketers report the telephone numbers and refuse to pay someone for them. I’m not sure how the money flows in this horrible industry, but YOU are costing the industry money when you use the Jolly Roger Telephone bots. So well done and please keep it up!

Also note that he didn’t say “oh, just put that number on our do-not-call list”. This is obviously a number they never want to call again, right? This is proof that there’s no such thing as their own do-not-call list. I think we all knew that anyway, but there it is.

As you know, I LOVE TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Unsolicited outbound telemarketing is a terrible abuse of the network that I love. I created these bots to protect you, me, and the telephone network from the virus of telemarketing and I’m so grateful to all of you for using the service and sharing the news with everyone that THERE IS A REALISTIC SOLUTION TO TELEMARKETING. This call is proof!

Thank you for listening!