In this call, we hear an Apple Support impersonator try to scam a robot into giving up their Apple password. Fortunately, Salty Sally keeps him chatting for a while so he has ten fewer minutes to call someone else today. I know it’s not much, but the math working out pretty well here at the Jolly Roger Telephone Company. Bots are standing by to waste telemarketer time and we can scale up to handle as many calls as they can throw at us. Bring it on, scammers!

This call starts with a typical “your iCloud account has been compromised” but after a short time, the call goes off the rails. Then back on. Then off again. It’s quite an emotional roller coaster for the telemarketers because they’re not really sure what’s going on at Salty Sally’s house.

As you may know, Jolly Roger Telephone’s mission is to fight telemarketers and scammers by deploying bots to waste their time. This started as a goofy hobby and I’m really flattered that you have embraced this service as a valid solution to telemarketing. In most cases, we can automatically intercept your telemarketer calls. If you are a subscriber, then I thank you. If you just like to listen to these calls because they’re so entertaining, then I thank you also. Please help spread the word that there’s an extremely economical solution to the telemarketing problem. I love phones – and I love YOUR phone. And I want you to love your phone again.

One more note! At the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, we are trying to protect the brand for Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Verizon, and any other company whose brand integrity is used to scam people. As we listen to THIS call, it is obviously a scam. Unfortunately, there are many people who fall for it, and we believe it hurts Apple. I spoke with someone at Microsoft a while ago, and he said Microsoft gets numerous complaints from people who believe they paid Microsoft for anti-virus services. My heart goes out to these victims, and it angers me that the telecommunications network (that I love so much!) is being abused like this.

Anyway, please enjoy this call and thanks for listening!