Hello all!

As I write this, we are in our tenth week of March 2020. I hope you are all healthy during this Time of Isolation.

For this latest call, we have a telemarketer who was intercepted by Kim the Kraken. Kim is a great bot who is recovering from pneumonia (she had a terrible cough during the recording session, so we just went with it). She seems appropriate for this time of COVID-19, right?

However, there’s a twist with this call. The telemarketer quickly recognizes that she is a robot. But strangely, he just keeps chatting with her, and ends up saying some funny things. He must be paid by the hour. He never does identify his company, so I don’t know if he’s a “legit” telemarketer or not. Later in the call, it sounds like he really wants to swear at Kim but cannot bring himself to call her names until the very end of the call. I doubt he was “monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes”.

It’s always fun when the Jolly Roger bots intercept telemarketers, but it’s even more fun when the telemarketer plays along. The goal here is to waste their time and disrupt the industry, right? Of course, entertainment is a huge factor also, but wasting time is where the feeling of “revenge” kicks in. It’s almost like the telemarketer plays along with us and shares in the joke. The only party suffering is the one paying this telemarketer. And that’s really who we’re fighting anyway.

Stay healthy everyone and thanks for listening!