Most telemarketer scams are from outbound calls (from the telemarketer to you), but some scams involve INBOUND calls where they convince the victim to call into them. There are so many heartbreaking stories about these scam victims that I’ve decided to use my telecommunications powers to pound them into the ground. I don’t flatter myself to think I can stop the outbound scammers, but I have the power to crush the inbound scammers.

The way I do this by having my bots call them hundreds of times on dozens of simultaneous channels. If that doesn’t stop them, then I call thousands of times on hundreds of simultaneous channels. I am positive that I have more capacity than they do. And as fast as they hang up, my bots are calling. it’s expensive, but it is possible to eliminate these scams. And I’m going to try.

When pirate ships attack, they turn “broadside” so all of the cannons can be used to blast the enemy.

In this call, my bot is talking to a fake IRS agent. This is the beginning of the broadside. The fake agent is confused and is trying to understand how I am doing this. You can hear the confusion. Eventually they disabled the telephone number. The thousands of messages that they left to “call back immediately to avoid prison” were useless. The number was dead.

I started this service to protect the telephone network from telemarketing. I am happy to expand this effort to eradicating this type of scam. I have the tech. I just have to incur the usage costs. Perhaps there is a friendly carrier out there willing to quietly sponsor me. It’ll be our secret.

Until then, please consider subscribing to the Jolly Roger Telephone service or “Donate to a Broadside Attack” in my shop. And please help spread the word!

Please enjoy and thank you for listening!