Reply To: App feedback


boxjuice and rsegal47,

The thing the app will give you that your shortcut won’t is the score. If you have the app in one of the “advise” modes, notifications will give you a spam caller score that lets you know if you should even answer the call.

If you couple the scoring with Jolly Roger’s voicemail options, you can simply decline a high-scoring call and it will go to a pirate without any further actions required by you. Of course, not all spam callers will have high scores, but I find that the scores really do catch most of them.

We would love to have the app answer, merge, mute the calls, etc. but the Android operating system limits the actions an app can take. Though the permissions say something about allowing the app to make and receive calls, the permissions only really allow the app to see caller ID and the app state.

You can select which bot is used with a given number on your account page. That selection will determine what is used when you summon using the app, too.

Feel free to use your text shortcut to summon pirates, of course! Use the approach that works best for you.

Thanks for the excellent feedback!

Mark W. Marasch
Ethical Developer Group