What better place for the Jolly Roger than “Digital Ocean”, right?

All Jolly Roger services have moved to digitalocean.com. I did not select this host based upon its name. It turns out they have a really nice virtual machine infrastructure that is extremely easy to use. The name is a bonus.

It was an AMAZING amount of work to move everything. What started as a goofy hobby in 2013 has become a very complicated service that spans multiple dedicated servers. There are over 1 million(!) telephone records and almost a terabyte of storage that had to be moved. Anyway, it’s done now and everything should work EXACTLY the same as it always has. I am writing this post on a Sunday night. March 25th, 2018. If your service is acting differently or you’re having any troubles at all, then please get in touch with me through support@jollyrogertelephone.com so we can get you all fixed up!

Thank you everyone for your love, kindness, and support through this crazy voyage! This new infrastructure is necessary for the web site that we’re about to launch for you! I’m so excited for you to see it!