Happy New Year everyone!

There’s an interesting story behind this bot. I’ll tell it in a future podcast. Anyway, this is a “New Year” bot that we put together for 2018. It’s one of our seasonal bots that remove in a few weeks. We also had a couple Christmas bots that are out of service until next year.

Do you get calls from “Fraternal Order of the Police”? There are *tons* of complaints online about them. Often times it’s a “Paid Fundraiser” through an outsourced (for-profit) telemarketing firm. I consider these scams, even though they may use the name of a valid organization (like the “Fraternal Order of the Police” in some small town near you). The fundraising firm gets a ton of money, and Fraternal Order of the Police get some small percentage of the overall donations. A Google search will bring several terrible stories about these fundraisers.

So please don’t be upset with Jolly Roger Telephone for intercepting these calls and messing with these telemarketers. Even though we may support your charity, NOBODY wants these telephone calls!

As a side note, they often use men with deep authoritative voices to perpetuate the myth that these are the actual cops calling you.

Anyway, my wife Jennifer recorded some clips for a “Jolly Jenny New Year’s Edition” that are completely the opposite of her personality, which is funny because this guy was right there with her until she got to the end. You’ll hear that he eventually is so offended that he disconnects the call.

If you’re new to the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, we provide bots to speak with YOUR telemarketers. We can often intercept these calls automatically. If you get a lot of telemarketer calls, please consider subscribing at www.jollyrogertelephone.com. It’s only $6/year.

Thanks for listening!