Hello All!

As I write this, we are all hunkering down in our shelters to avoid Coronavirus. I hope you are all well and healthy. The telemarketers aren’t stopping. Unfortunately, many are taking advantage of this time – we are probably a lot more likely to answer the phone nowadays. Here at the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, we are trying to intercept these scammers for you and your loved ones.

This is an interesting call from a scammer claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearinghouse. It’s interesting because he called the same number eleven times this day. This was the eighth one. By the time of this call, he had already spent about 55 minutes talking with various bots. They were all variations of this, but this one was the most vulgar.

This is a variation on a pre-payment scam, or maybe he’s just trying to get personal information. But he sure seems really bad at it.

Anyway, we wasted much of is prime scamming time for the day, and it didn’t cost our subscriber a single minute of his valuable time. And hopefully it saved someone else from these calls by continuously enticing him to call back.

Please stay safe everyone. I know everyone is saying it, but I really mean it. I really appreciate all of you listeners and subscribers.

As always, thanks for listening,