Hello all!

Here at the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, our mission is to fight telemarketing by intercepting the telemarketers and engaging them with robots. This call is a great example of our technology. The caller is a social security scammer. The beginning announcement is so crazy that I am shocked and very sad that this scam is so effective. The first thing the victim hears is a robotic voice say the following:

“Due to this all your social benefits will be cancelled until further clearance.  In case you feel this is due to an error, you may connect with legal [unknown] Social Security Administration. In order to connect with a Social Security Administration officer, press 1 now. in case we did not hear from you, your social will be blocked permanently. To connect with the officer now press 1 and your will be automatically be connected with the concern departments.”

Just read that last sentence carefully. I don’t want to bring more attention to that issue, because I really don’t want to coach them on their game at all.

Anyway, Jolly Jenny does a great job keeping this guy engaged. He tries several times to get nasty, and then get some social media information from Jolly Jenny, but then gets nasty again, I assume his intent is to get Jolly Jenny to hang up. But he says something particularly vulgar at the end, and Jolly Jenny’s response is so insane that I think it causes him to hang up. It’s probably the craziest response I’ve heard from our bots.

I love telecommunications, I love your phone, and I hate unsolicited telemarketing and scammers! Please consider helping with the fight against these criminals by signing up with the Jolly Roger Telephone service so we can protect everyone. The longer we keep this scum engaged, the less time they’ll have to scam the next person.

Thanks for listening,