What happens if a telemarketer reaches Santa in his workshop? Here at the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, we have a bot designed to answer that question. We developed this bot during a partnership with NoMoRoBo (http://donotcallchristmas.com/), which featured a couple holiday-themed bots. Every year, we add these to the “random rotation” during the holiday season (although you can select them as your default bot if you want).

Anyway, for this call we have a telemarketer selling janitorial services. She knows she called a business, but she never quite understands what is happening with this call. For those of you new to this blog, channel, or group, “Santa” is a robot designed to talk to telemarketers. Sometimes we post calls because they’re shocking, educational, scary, or informative. But this one is just for entertainment. It lasted just over 15 minutes, and at the very end you’ll hear why.

Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you for listening!