Hello all! I am often asked “which is your favorite bot” and my typical answer is “whichever one is newest”. Well, here’s our newest and my current favorite Jolly Roger bot. His name is Ox-Gut McGee and he has a few new surprises for the telemarketers. In this call, a telemarketer is trying to convince us that we have $2600 in “vacation credits” with a travel agent and we’re about to lose all this credit if we don’t act now. Naturally, the goal is to get some payment information from us so we can hold this incredible vacation. It breaks my heart that this scam is so effective. We at Jolly Roger Telephone are intercepting as many of these calls as we can, engaging the telemarketers with bots, and wasting as much of their time as possible.

As with all of our bots, Ox-Gut uses IBM Watson to process the speech from the telemarketers. We have found that IBM provides the best speech recognition for low-fidelity telephone calls, and it sure was effective for this particular call. The telemarketer was getting impatient and ready to hang up several times, but Ox-Gut sucked her back into the conversation. Also, I was able to isolate and enhance the inbound audio so we can hear a quiet conversation between the telemarketer and her supervisor. I play two of these conversations at the end of this call.

Anyway, please enjoy this call and, as always, if you’re not a Jolly Roger Telephone subscriber, please consider signing up! This call wasted 14 minutes of telemarketer time and we get thousands of calls per day. In most cases (like this one), we can *automatically* intercept the telemarketer so you don’t have to do anything to help rid the world of telemarketing. If we all use Jolly Roger bots, we will disrupt the unsolicited telemarketing industry together!

Thank you for listening!