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Medicare scammer wants to send a back brace to a robot

This call is unsettling, because it’s a scam against all of us.

This is a telemarketer who admits that they are calling “all Medicare patients”. In 2014, there were about 50 million people on medicare. So they’re calling 50 million people? How is this okay?

So they call the medicare patient, ask if they’re having back pain, and offer to send “the back brace”. I assume if the patient wants one, they get the medicare information (which is probably bad) and bill medicare for the back brace (which is definitely bad). This is a crime against everyone. Now, there might be some people who can benefit from getting a back brace, but I think we can all agree that this is a scam, right?

There’s one question that I cannot hear, but as I listen again I think she asks if he “has a wheelchair”. Anyway, this bot is perfect for this call because Whitey Whitebeard is such a befuddled old man. Fortunately, he manages to get under her skin a little bit, and he wastes over seven minutes of her time.

So here is one solution to all of the Medicare fraud going on! Send these scammers to a robot designed to waste their time. Are there any Medicare fraud investigators out there?

Thanks for listening!


Jolly Roger Telephone Podcast Episode #5 is online!

Hello all! I posted episode 5 over the weekend. This episode features a couple “epic” calls. Enjoy during your commute. It will definitely help pass the time.

Roger’s TEDx Announcement for Naperville, IL on November 4th

I’m thrilled and honored to say that I will be a speaker at the TEDxNaperville event on November 4th! This is “an independently organized TED event” and it’s quite a thrill. If any of you are in the Chicago area, I’d love to see you at this thing. I will be sharing the stage with giants. It is very humbling. Here is a link to their site.

Roger Anderson



Political pollsters talk to a robot about Hillary Clinton for a while

Okay, I built this robot to talk to TELEMARKETERS.

But sometimes non-telemarketers make it, and in this call we have a political pollster asking our opinion about “some people in the news”. I presume he would eventually get around to Trump, but he never gets past the first question about Hillary Clinton. His supervisor has to coach him – this call features the best “frustrated sigh” I have ever heard my bot evoke. And I think there’s an “audible face palm” in there, which is new.

The supervisor eventually takes over the conversation.

I am in California, so we don’t get a lot of these calls. I assume they can be really annoying in the battleground states as opinions are polled constantly. We all like looking at the charts on TV so I know this is important work. But after a while, it’s probably nice to send these calls to a Jolly Roger Bot.

Actually, this particular call was routed to me automatically thanks to the end-subscriber’s carrier. I don’t want to get too technical, so contact me separately if you are interested in automatically sending telemarketers to my bots and letting everyone else ring through to you.

So this call was sent to a bot. The person’s phone didn’t even ring. And ten minutes later he got an email from Jolly Roger Telephone with the recording. Let’s all deploy some automation in this arms race against unsolicited telemarketing! Sorry to all you political pollsters – apparently you’re going to be collateral damage.

If you are tired of unsolicited calls, let the Jolly Roger Telephone Company protect your phone lines. Please see my web site for various ways to subscribe and use these bots.

Please enjoy this call! And thank you for listening!

Podcast Episode 4 has been posted!

I have finished episode 4 of my podcast. This one is about telemarketing, my goals for disrupting the system, and some example calls from telemarketers who have figured out they’re talking to a robot. I tend to post complete calls on YouTube, so this podcast gives me a chance to play little clips. I also talk about the business equivalent of telemarketing, the dreaded “Cold Caller”, and what I am doing to address this problem as well.

So if you’re curious about telemarketing and what can be done to stop it. Or if you’re just sick of telemarketers and want to laugh at some examples of them talking to robots. Or if you’re curious about telecommunications, robotics, or artificial intelligence, then please enjoy this latest episode. As always, please help me spread the word about the Jolly Roger Telephone Service. And please let me know what you think of the podcast!


Fake IRS telemarketer threatens to come over and shoot his victim

As far as I know, this is the first time a scammer has threatened the life of a Jolly Roger robot. Of course, the fake IRS agent thinks he is talking to a woman. A mom actually. Pretty sick.

This illustrates how fearless and untouchable these scammers are. How can we protect our network from this kind of scum? In this call, the “IRS Agent” tries to bully and intimidate Salty Sally, a robot designed to waste his time. After making some sexual comments, he finally threatens to shoot her “at her place”. He even reads back her address just to prove that he knows where she lives.

This is so frustrating. There’s nothing anyone can do about this. He is most certainly off-shore.

So I am here to help! The Jolly Roger Telephone Company builds bots to take these calls for you. Subscribe at and I’ll talk to these bozos for you. It typically turns a frustrating call into entertainment. Depending upon your personality, this call is either terrifying or funny. But it is certainly different than that fake agent expected.

By the way, I have a new bot designed to talk to the IRS! If you get the “Fake IRS” on the phone, conference in 1-206-259-4978 and let’s see how it does.

Thanks all!

Podcast episode 3 is online

Hi all,

Episode three of the podcast is available now. Info about the podcast here:

Direct link to episode three is here: and it’s embedded below.

This episode has more info about scams and various ways I’m planning to kill off the autodialer. I just listened to it and I apologize if it is a little technical at first. It gets fun at the end!

Thanks all!


Home improvement telemarketer bonds with a robot programmed to talk to him

I know I’ve said this before, but this might be my favorite call so far. I build robots to talk to telemarketers and the calls are often funny, entertaining, or informative. But this one is different from the others. You must listen.

This is a call from a “home construction” telemarketer that will help you with home improvements. I think of these guys as scammers. They just try to collect a lead and sell it to a contractor. He mentions the local town a couple times and even a street name. I think he just pretends to be local. These guys can get clever by faking the caller-id to something local and then mentioning a large street name. It’s just one more piece of “the confidence game” that they pull on you.

So this telemarketer talks to a robot for over ten minutes and completely bonds with her. They chat about puppies, first-aid, smoking, etc. This guy has lots in common with this bot and he really enjoys the conversation. Just a few minutes into the call, he says that it’s the longest conversation he’s had all day and that most people are really rude. His shift ends in 20 minutes and this bot manages to keep him on the line long enough that hopefully he doesn’t make any more calls. I don’t want him calling you or anyone you know. I want him and all of his colleagues to talk to my bots and leave everyone else alone!

At the end of the call, he tells the bot that she is awesome and that her husband is a really lucky guy.

I know it’s fun when the telemarketers get mad, but this is a call where EVERYBODY WINS – even the telemarketer. The only loser here is the telemarketer’s employer, which is the best revenge of all. Hey, telemarketing firm – your employees might be talking to bots and they don’t know or care!

As I listen a couple times during editing, it strikes me that I might be naive and he knows it’s a bot. Even if this is the case, this bot performed as designed and kept him from calling anyone else. If he did figure out that something was odd, he must have gone through a transition of “person messing with me” and maybe to “oh it’s a robot”. What do you think?

Please consider subscribing to the Jolly Roger Telephone service. It’s only $6 per year and you get unlimited use of these bots for your telemarketers. At the end of the call, you get the recording emailed to you.

Thanks everyone for listening to this call!