Okay, I built this robot to talk to TELEMARKETERS.

But sometimes non-telemarketers make it, and in this call we have a political pollster asking our opinion about “some people in the news”. I presume he would eventually get around to Trump, but he never gets past the first question about Hillary Clinton. His supervisor has to coach him – this call features the best “frustrated sigh” I have ever heard my bot evoke. And I think there’s an “audible face palm” in there, which is new.

The supervisor eventually takes over the conversation.

I am in California, so we don’t get a lot of these calls. I assume they can be really annoying in the battleground states as opinions are polled constantly. We all like looking at the charts on TV so I know this is important work. But after a while, it’s probably nice to send these calls to a Jolly Roger Bot.

Actually, this particular call was routed to me automatically thanks to the end-subscriber’s carrier. I don’t want to get too technical, so contact me separately if you are interested in automatically sending telemarketers to my bots and letting everyone else ring through to you.

So this call was sent to a bot. The person’s phone didn’t even ring. And ten minutes later he got an email from Jolly Roger Telephone with the recording. Let’s all deploy some automation in this arms race against unsolicited telemarketing! Sorry to all you political pollsters – apparently you’re going to be collateral damage.

If you are tired of unsolicited calls, let the Jolly Roger Telephone Company protect your phone lines. Please see my web site for various ways to subscribe and use these bots.

Please enjoy this call! And thank you for listening!