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Pair of Vacation Package telemarketers get stuck for 12 minutes with a robot

Life before Jolly Roger Telephone: It’s 7:45 PM and you are winding down for the day. Then you get ANOTHER call from a telemarketer trying to sell you a vacation package. Whether you answer or not, is still disrupts your evening.

Life after Jolly Roger Telephone: It’s the same evening at 7:45 PM, but when the telemarketer calls, Jolly Roger detects that it’s a telemarketer, intercepts the call, and sends it to a random bot. Twelve minutes later, you get an email with this recording. Listen to it whenever you want. Your phone probably doesn’t ring at all (it might burst a little half-ring, but then stops)

In this call, our bot has intercepted the call for a subscriber using the “Landlubber” service (utilizing the simultaneous ring feature of their landline). it’s a vacation package. The first agent ends up handing the phone to a second agent. I think the first agent is still tied up (because the second is using her phone). Maybe they’re training? Either way, I’m counting this double points for the twelve minutes. I think we took them both out.

Is this a scam? Probably not. Is the agent nice? Yes, she is pleasant enough. But wow, it is NOT okay to call everyone in the area to pitch this. And the telemarketing company is probably doing this for lots of resorts or other companies. Listening to them chat with a robot for so long gives me satisfaction knowing that they cannot call the next person. And there’s no way they’ll make a sale when talking to a bot. The more calls we intercept, the worse their business model gets. And perhaps they’ll get more aggressive with the unsolicited calls, which will drive more people to use Jolly Roger Telephone. I really hope I can disrupt them.

So please enjoy this call – hopefully it’s satisfying for you too. Hopefully you’ll consider signing up for the service. Only $6/year gets you unlimited use of these bots. Thank you so much for listening!

Podcast 14 – How to protect your Google Voice line from telemarketing

I’m happy to announce episode 14 of my podcast is now posted on SoundCloud.

In this podcast, I discuss Google Voice integration and how Jolly Roger Telephone service is the PERFECT companion to any Google Voice service. In order to prevent abuse, Google has placed some restrictions on their simultaneous ring features, but I have managed to work within these restrictions so the Jolly Roger bots can intercept telemarketers to Google Voice numbers.

This podcast discusses how I do this, how you set it up, and the reasons why there are a few more steps than the traditional Landlubber service. However, it’s totally worth it. As I try to tell everyone – do not block telemarketers, but send them to Jolly Roger bots instead. Every minute spent with a bot is one minute less that they can spend with someone else. If you have Google Voice, then please let me take your telemarketing calls!

This podcast includes an call intercepted automatically to a Google Voice subscriber who is using the Jolly Roger Telephone service. Please enjoy and help spread the word that there is a solution to outbound unsolicited telemarketing! Please let me know what you think of the service, the calls, and the podcast.

EXPLICIT – Extremely abusive home security specialist talks to a female robot

WARNING! VERY EXPLICIT! Help me stop this industry!

I think this is the nastiest call I’ve gotten so far. I hear a lot of nasty calls from overseas, but this call is from an agent in the US and he takes verbal abuse to a whole new level. It starts out with an extremely sweet bot of their own who ‘qualifies’ my bot as a valid contact and sends my bot to their human. That process takes 45 seconds. Then it takes only another 45 seconds before this guy gets really nasty.

These agents sit in a call center with a headset and cannot easily hang up. I think if they determine the call isn’t going anywhere they find it easier and more entertaining to just get the called-party to hang up. It’s probably a game to them. So you can imagine this guy’s confusion when he starts swearing at the bot but she doesn’t hang up. But she doesn’t seem to get upset either. And then her daughter engages in the background. Who would go through so much trouble to mess with a telemarketer, right???

As jaded as I am to nasty telemarketers, this one shocked me. Who would talk to a stranger like this? How can anyone be so callous? You, as the listener to this call, know that the joke is really on the telemarketer. But the telemarketer thinks he’s talking to a human and we have to put a stop to this.

As we know, there’s no way to shut these guys down. The best we can do it intercept them with bots. In many cases, I can do this automatically. Please see my web site for information about landline, mobile, and Google Voice protection. Not only can I protect YOUR phones, but the more time the bots spend with them, the less time they have to speak with potential victims of their scams. Only $6/year gives you unlimited use of the bots, but you are potentially helping to protect other high-risk victims by burning the time of losers like this one.

Please enjoy this recording.