I’m happy to announce episode 14 of my podcast is now posted on SoundCloud.

In this podcast, I discuss Google Voice integration and how Jolly Roger Telephone service is the PERFECT companion to any Google Voice service. In order to prevent abuse, Google has placed some restrictions on their simultaneous ring features, but I have managed to work within these restrictions so the Jolly Roger bots can intercept telemarketers to Google Voice numbers.

This podcast discusses how I do this, how you set it up, and the reasons why there are a few more steps than the traditional Landlubber service. However, it’s totally worth it. As I try to tell everyone – do not block telemarketers, but send them to Jolly Roger bots instead. Every minute spent with a bot is one minute less that they can spend with someone else. If you have Google Voice, then please let me take your telemarketing calls!

This podcast includes an call intercepted automatically to a Google Voice subscriber who is using the Jolly Roger Telephone service. Please enjoy and help spread the word that there is a solution to outbound unsolicited telemarketing! Please let me know what you think of the service, the calls, and the podcast.