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In this call, we get yet another air duct cleaning scammer hiding behind a fake caller-id. He is offering quite a bit for $39. It sounds too good to be true to me, but it must be effective or they would alter the price.

So this guy must be a little impatient – it’s a pretty short call. He quickly gets frustrated with me, curses at me, and hangs up.

This is the kind of scammers that work at these call centers. It breaks my heart to think they have your telephone number, your parents or grandparents telephone numbers, and even your kids who are getting mobile phones. They hide behind fake caller-ids and get to harass anyone with a telephone. I love telephones. I want everyone to love and appreciate their phones. I want people to talk on the phone. So these scammers really offend me deeply.

And now we can do something about it. Let’s build more bots so we can tie up the time for these agents. Please support my Kickstarter and let’s stop these scammers!

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