Unlike most of my calls, I left the company name in this one. For those of you new to my pages, I build robots that talk to telemarketers so they don’t have time to call you. I encourage you to sign up and send your unsolicited telemarketer calls to my bots!

This guy says he is calling from “Amazon Affiliates” and drops the name “Amazon dot com” several times. So of course it’s legitimate, right? I love this call because he is sounds like such a character, and this bot (named Whitey Whitebeard) does a great job keeping him going for a while. I think the guy was having a hard time keeping it together during the call. It’s hard not to like him, until you think about him calling every small business in the USA trying to scam them out of $500 to build a web site from a template. Google these guys and you’ll see lots of stories about these affiliate scams.

So again – I have nothing against these telemarketers personally. I just hate the business practice. This telemarketer may not even realize he’s working for a scam operation.

I like this guy’s voice though.

Thanks for listening!