This is probably a very effective scam. This is another “Fraternal Order of Police” soliciting donations for the families of cops tragically killed in the line of duty. Of course we want to support such a charity. I think this particular company is operating legally, but not all of them do. This charity gives a small percentage of the take to the actual charity, but it’s more than they would have collected on their own, so everyone wins, right?

Well, except us. We all get these calls all the time. Next time this charity is collecting for someone else, they’ll call you. If your number is on their list, good luck getting rid of them.

So this call demonstrates a few interesting things:

  1. They use professional voice talent that sounds like a cop
  2. A “low level” soundboard operator is controlling these cop messages by clicking buttons on their PC and listening to my responses.
  3. My robot manages to convince this operator that I am a qualified donor and then transfers me to the “records department” (to continue the cop theme)
  4. The “records department” operator knows I’m down for $10 – this can be easily done but it demonstrates more “computer telephony integration” than I expected.
  5. She is a professional and doesn’t waste any words with my bot. It still manages to keep her busy for several minutes. It’s not very entertaining unless you get these calls yourself all the time – then you’ll cheer on my robot. Go robot! Waste as much time as you can!

So please keep sending these scammers and bad charities to my robot. I’m interested in the IRS scammers. It’s tax season so I assume some of you are getting these! Let me know if you get one!

Enjoy this call and let me know what you think!