This call is great for several reasons:

  • It’s a Windows Support scammer who is trying to take control of my PC and install some ransom-ware. None of you should have any sympathy for this guy.
  • It shows the practice of “master/apprentice” that is used for these scams.
  • The robot “plays along” really well with the first scammer who is trying to convince us we have a virus.
  • The robot aggravates the second guy and completely turns the tables on him. Out of frustration he taunts my robot and tries to get it mad.
  • I don’t think he really “got it” that this was a bot and managed to waste over 13 minutes of his (combined) time.
  • This really showcases the capabilities of the bot. I was really proud of it when I listened to the frustration of this scammer.

This call was transferred to the bot by one of you – my new Pirate Crew. I really appreciate all of your support and don’t forget to tell when you get a really good call! There are too many for me to sort through.

This is the first call since the Kickstarter ended and I must say the constant fundraising was getting a little tedious. It’s nice to post these for fun again. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot tell you how flattered I am with all the support. Thank you all. I’m your biggest fan.