I have been neglecting my friends down under! During February 2016, what I call the “viral phase” of Jolly Roger Telephone, I found a carrier willing to give me an Australian telephone number. It has been taking calls and I occasionally check it, but I have been devoting most of my attention to the Jolly Roger Telephone Service in the USA – and I encourage all of you to check it out at jollyrogertelephone.com.

So I recently looked through the call logs and found this one. I was struck by how similar this call was to the ones we get in California. There are so many solar scams that I am very skeptical of solar contractors now. And this business practice really frustrates me. Contractors will have these low-paid telemarketers call tens of thousands of telephone numbers (or more) and try to find a business owner with roof space for solar panels. The solar contractor does not have to deal with people who get angry, yell, hang up, screw around with them, demand to NEVER BE CALLED AGAIN, etc. This is the job of the low-paid telemarketer agent who then sells the lead to the contractor. These telemarketers will just call you again tomorrow when there’s a new campaign. And your telephone number is on a list that is sold over-and-over. You will never be rid of these calls.

So thanks again to the business owner who sent this call to the Jolly Roger bot. And the bot did a pretty good job keeping them busy for almost ten minutes (eventually a supervisor got on the line). If the business owner was listening along, then this call was at least entertaining.

So if you’re still reading along, please let me know your opinion on where this telemarketer is? She sounds off-shore, but she says “dollar” and “quarter” differently than I have heard – almost like it’s a slight Australian accent. Actually, I think both women say it that way. Does anyone recognize this accent?

So the service is pretty well-established in the USA- please check out my home page for more information and to sign up!

As for any of you in Australia – I have a telephone number for you of 2-4623-0490 but I am working on a permanent number and I don’t know how long that will keep working. The service is not “official” in Australia yet but I hope to roll it out for you within the next 30 days or so. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening and please enjoy this call,