Hello All! As I write this, we are approaching the end of 2018. Happy Holidays to everyone!

In this call, we have an auto warranty scammer speaking with a bot named Salty Sally. This guy is a “second level” telemarketer. At the beginning, you can hear the first low-level guy hand off the call. What they don’t know is the potential victim has also handed off the call to a Jolly Roger Telephone bot!

This guy is slick and well-practiced at his trade. Unfortunately, he is probably also quite successful at scamming people into renewing their auto warranty. Salty Sally does manage to get him a bit flustered and he eventually hangs up in frustration (after eight minutes!) He does NOT suspect that it’s a robot though, so well done to Salty Sally!

If you are reading this, you’re not likely to fall for this scam, but lots of people do. So please be skeptical of every telephone call and let Jolly Roger Telephone handle your telemarketers.

Thanks for listening, everyone!

P.S. Santa Claus has been taking telemarketer calls this month! I’ll post a call soon!