Hate solar telemarketers? This is an automated bot that wastes their time. Check out my web site with instructions so you can use it too!

If you have a telephone and sunlight where you live, then you have probably gotten a call from a telemarketer trying to sell you solar panels. At this point, I am so jaded about solar panels, that I immediately assume they’re scammers. Ironically, the agents and contractors probably think they’re helping you and feel completely justified in the hard sell of solar panels.

You see, the contractor helps you get a “government-backed green energy loan” so, for “no money down” you can upgrade your home and the payments come right out of your property taxes for the next 20 years! Even assuming the contractor is reputable, how long do you think those solar panels and associated electrical systems will last? How long will that contractor last? I don’t want to paint all these calls as scams, but you can see why we’re all skeptical, right? On top of all this, the incessant calls are driving us all crazy!

So as you listen to this latest call, you’ll hear that the solar contractors have gotten clever. This is not a call from a contractor. Here’s how the onion is layered:

  1. We get a call from a low-level offshore agent who pitches green energy and qualifies us as a sucker
  2. This agent hands the call to his supervisor who goes over a few more details and qualifies us as a sucker
  3. The supervisor (still offshore) then transfers us to a secret number back to the USA, where another agent qualifies us further and schedules a callback. What is interesting is that she lists several solar contractors that may call us back. It is likely that they are working exclusively with only one of them, but they list several to obscure the relationship.

Now, the eventual contractor is completely insulated from this process. If we were to get to the next level and say “Aha! We got you!’, we would have to prove the relationship between the contractor and the *offshore call center* who made the first call. The call center companies have created a multi-layered scheme to protect the industry from the Do-Not-Call and Telephone Consumer Protection Acts and any other various regulations that each country puts in place. This is a battle people! Regulation doesn’t help! We have to use technology to break their business!

The Jolly Roger Telephone Company provides autonomous bots to (1) BREAK THEIR AUTODIALERS by answering with “hello?”, and (2) speaking with their humans long enough to disrupt their human resource costs. Please see my web site for more information and please sign up for my service. It turns telemarketing calls into entertainment as we combat this terrible practice.

Anyway, please listen and enjoy. Thanks as always!