The core of the Jolly Roger Telephone service is wasting telemarketer time. I’ve had a lot of interesting calls, but this one demonstrates that the original bot is still going strong. For anyone new to Jolly Roger, I built this bot for my own line at home, and it took a couple years of tweaking to get it right (I could only test it on REAL telemarketers). When I posted the telephone number so everyone could use it, I got thousands of calls to it – I still haven’t listened to all of those calls from February 2016!

As a result, it’s the least interesting bot for me. I have some “new” bots that are more fun for me to review. But I wanted to play this call because I don’t want you to forget “there’s a bee on me”. This call demonstrates that it’s still funny.

In this call, we have a “free cruise” offer and he lists all kinds of great things. This agent probably believes he is giving away this vacation package, but a simple Google search is all it takes to see how popular this scam is. Fortunately, the subscribers to the Jolly Roger service are engaging bots to suck up some scammer time. This guy spent almost 8 minutes talking to a bot, and hopefully he didn’t have time to call you that day. Or your family.

Anyway, thanks for listening everyone! I’m looking forward to posting more fun, entertaining calls. They don’t all have to be educational or shocking. This one is just ear candy to any of you who get these calls every day.