Hello all – For the new eyes and ears: I build bots to speak with telemarketers so you don’t have to talk to them.

The “corporate” version of a telemarketer is a cold-caller. They’re not as bad as telemarketers, but they can be really annoying. Part of the job duties of any receptionist, secretary, or admin is to deal with cold callers. Naturally, businesses don’t have the option of “hiding” their numbers like consumers do. They’re public, and the names of the officers and owners are public too. And many times the direct telephone numbers of the officers and owners are public. So you can imagine how many junk calls these businesses get.

Now, these callers are not necessarily bad people, but some of them can be extremely persistent. And it takes time and energy to let them down easy. If you’re rude, they call back. And they can be rude too. As a telephone guy supporting an office full of people, I get lots of requests to “block” particular numbers because of annoying cold-callers who won’t stop calling back.

So rather than risk the wrath of a bored, annoyed, persistent, and vindictive cold-caller, you can wear him or her down with this biz-bot! This pair of bots sound helpful, but they’re a bit unresponsive and a little spacey. Enough so that the caller probably won’t want to call back again. These two bots (named Jolly Roger Biz-bot and Polly Crackers) ping-pong the caller back and forth until they are worn out. I have an example call of someone starting at Polly Crackers, then through Jolly Roger, then back to Polly Crackers before finally giving up.

This call starts with Jolly Roger and then moves on to Polly Crackers, where the guy gives up. It’s easy to feel bad for the guy but you should empathize with the receptionist or “IT Director” who has to deal with this caller over-and-over again. Imagine ten or twenty of these calls per day. If you’re the boss, you may not realize how many of these you get. Ask your receptionist. Then sign up for the Jolly Roger Biz-Bot service at jollyrogertelephone.com!

For those of you new to Jolly Roger Telephone, check out the other calls of actual telemarketers on my YouTube channel, blog, and Facebook pages. And sign up for the service so you can send your annoying telemarketers to my bots!

Thanks for listening!