I’m getting back to my roots here. This is a brief call, but it’s a PERFECT example of the value of these bots. The telemarketer making this call never really identifies his company. There are two vague (and different!) company names like “Security Services” and “Home Security Promotions”. They’re offering a wireless security system and they’re using low-paid and likely offshore “lead generators” to qualify the call. If you pass their audio questionnaire, then you get connected to a real person for the true scamming to take place.

So this bot, named “Whiskey Jack” convinces the lead generator to send the call to a human. This particular agent is savvy enough to recognize the SOMEBODY is messing with him, but he doesn’t ever realize it’s a bot.

This call is interesting for three reasons:

  • The soundboard recordings are quite “folksy” and are trying to sound less and less polished. This is like an arms race. They are stepping up their game. Fortunately my bots are up to the challenge.
  • I have recently learned that these lead generators are paid every time they send a call to “Mr. Big.” So my bot has cost someone more than just the hourly payroll of the agent.
  • The telemarketer isn’t upset that he’s getting played – he is probably paid by the hour. Hey, I wonder what the hourly rate is for a telemarketer that can scam people over and over? Wireless security scammers provide a “free” system but sign you up for long term monitoring fees.

Anyway, enjoy this call. It’s short and sweet. I encourage you to listen to other calls in my YouTube channel and sign up for the service. The point of these bots is to turn your telemarketer calls into entertainment, and they do a really good job at that.