Thank you to all my subscribers to the Jolly Roger Telephone Service! You all have the pleasure of deploying these bots on your telemarketers. Please spread the word so we can get more people using these.

Okay we’re going to get back to basics here. This call is a good example of why I built this bot in the first place. And this call is to the original Jolly Roger Bot with the “bee on my arm”. This is a business loan specialist calling business all over the place. Unfortunately, it comes from a “lead generator” so there’s no way to get them to stop calling. And it might be legal. The callers clearly identified where they were calling from. Most of the time they fake it. Other interesting things:

  • The predictive dialer (the thing that determines if you’re human or not) cut through very quickly.
  • The hand-off to the loan agent was smooth
  • The loan agent knew who I was (well, it was a wrong number, but still it still indicated a screen pop from the first person to the second)
  • MY ROBOT PASSED THE TURING TEST! It totally convinced the first agent to transfer me to the second.
  • The second agent has heard the “bee on my arm” several times and is upset with me! What’s that all about? You guys called me! Stop calling if you don’t like it!

So, since I could never get these guys to stop calling, I built this bot and maybe they’ll eventually stop. In the meantime, these calls are entertaining and harmless to me. Thank you for listening!