Here is a call from a very aggressive cold caller. Ironically, he is selling collection services and it seems to be in his nature to be a jerk. The “collections” industry must be a great fit for bullies like this. To tell you the truth, I can see the appeal of using this guy to collect for you. But I would think that most people wouldn’t want to use him.

It’s a shame that we feel victim to guys like this, but in the business world, you *have* to pick up the phone. Any unknown or blocked number could be a customer, investor, business partner, or vendor. You have to answer the phone. Unfortunately, sometimes you get guys like this. Cold calling is the business world’s version of telemarketing. And sometimes if you’re rude or brush them off, they just call back more aggressively. So I created this “biz-bot” to handle cold callers. This bot wears them down for a while and they’re not likely to call back. Some of these calls are really funny and I think I’ll post them, but you first need to hear some extreme examples so you don’t feel sympathy for them.

So in this call, the guy tries to sell collection services, but he senses that he’s getting teased and he gets angry. So much so that he shouts over the “first guy”, and then gets all polite for a minute as he gets Polly. But then he gets angry again and shouts at her too. He ends up spending about eight minutes shouting at these bots and eventually hangs up. He threatens to call more often, but really what’s the point? He’ll just end up talking to a bot. His company stands to lose more time in that exchange, which, of course, is the point of biz-bots.

If you are a business owner (large or small), please consider getting one of these biz-bots. You get your own dedicated telephone number so anyone at your firm can use it. More details are at

Thanks as always! Please enjoy this call!